Monday, November 23, 2015

Science of Interstellar: Higher Dimensions

     We see our world as 3 dimensional, we can see right, left, forward, backward, up and down. However we exist in a 4 dimensional world, the fourth being time, where we not only move through a 3D space but also through time as it passes to us. However we can only move forward in time due to relativity. You can visualize space-time as a two dimetinonal fabric, with gravity warping that fabric. Our universe can be thought of as a three dimensional "brane" being embedded in a "bulk" with 4 dimensions.
     John Schwarz and Michael Green set out in 1984 to discover the laws of quantum gravity and made a breakthrough. This breakthrough only worked if the "bulk" had 9 space dimensions and 1 time dimension, six more than space dimensions than our "brane." In this "superstring theory" the extra dimensions have large influences on our "brane," that can be measured if we had sufficient technology. These influences could make it possible to reconcile the laws of quantum physics with Einstein's laws of relativity.
     In Interstellar the bulk's six extra dimensions are made into one extra dimension for practice purposes. The bulk in interstellar shares 3 space dimensions and 1 time dimension with our brane. It also has a fifth space dimension. Kipp Thorne refers to this as "out back," and extends perpendicular to our universe.

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  1. This was a very good start. It just doesn't seem like you completed your thoughts. Sort of a cliffhanger blog post...