Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Want to Erase my Memory of Eraser

     The movie Eraser is about Arnold Schwarzenegger protecting his witness, saving America and looking as badass as the 90's possibly could make him. The icing on the cake is the corrupt cops and insane railguns that are prevalent throughout the movie. As far as the physics go, I sincerely wished they were as accurate as Arnold is manly.
     Regarding the disregard for physics, we can look at the railguns of the movie and their blatant lack of recoil(And mathematical correctness) when fired. The guns supposedly fire aluminum rounds as the speed of light, unfortunately for them Arnold is manly enough to to move faster than light itself. However to analyze the physics of how the movie should have gone we won't be looking at Arnold, but rather a scene involving a unknown shooter and Daryl, the clingy ex-boyfriend who after the fact is clinging to the wall.
     In the scene the shooter fires, hitting Daryl in the chest and sending him flying across the room. let's assume the bullet lodges inside Daryl and transfers all its momentum to him. The math, shown below, shows that not only would Daryl been a smear on the now destroyed wall, but the shooter would have also be reduced to very shady chunks.

     Both the shooter and Daryl would have been sent flying, in what I can assume is a comical fashion, at incredible speeds. The fact of the matter is that they would both be certainly dead and in multiple pieces. I'm sure however that Arnold would have has no trouble handling the actual recoil with his rippling biceps and a snappy one liner...

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  1. Nice entry. One mistake, though. You need to remember to divide by the mass of Daryl AND the bullet at the end. Remember, the bullet lodged in Daryl when he was hit. It's a small factor, but I want to be sure you know how to do these problems correctly.